Individual Planning



Security and Peace of Mind

Life happens and change is inevitable. Many transitions come with financial questions and you need answers. Give us a call if:

  • You are rebalancing your investment portfolio and you need to understand the tax consequences.
  • Tax laws change and you want to understand how the change(s) impact your tax situation.
  • You want to consider a ROTH conversion and need to understand the tax consequences.
  • You have left your employer and you need to know what to do with your retirement account and not have tax consequences.
  • A relative has passed away and you are inheriting some assets and need to understand possible tax consequences.
  • If you recently retired or changed jobs and don’t know how much tax to withhold or if you need to make estimated tax payments.

No matter what the situation, you just need a little extra help. It’s much easier to discuss how your life transition will impact your taxes and implement a plan than it is to correct a costly mistake.